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A Mignon Eberhart Mystery Bibliography
The most comprehensive bibliography on the web, maybe anywhere, of the prolific mystery author's books and stories.

The Mildred Davis Mystery Bookroom
A tribute to the talented suspense author, including a bibliography, and a free download: the novella, "Suicide Hour", published in 1954, and not now available anywhere else.

The Rogan Family Tree
The descendants of William Rogan Sr. of Lloydminster, Sask., Canada.
(He is my wife's great grandfather.)

The Rogan Family: Who's on Facebook?
Who, in the preceding family tree, has a Facebook presence, and how can they be found there easily?

Stock Market Cycles
From the 40-year cycle down to the 2-week cycle, the stock market is a structure of overlapping ups and downs, the waves being of fairly constant length. It has exhibited that structure for the last 120 years!! This web site employs graphical displays to illustrate the surprising historical continuity of stock market cycles. It will be built gradually, starting with the longest waves (40 yrs, 10 yrs, 3.3 yrs).

The Paradox of the Unexpected Exam
For 60 years, the Paradox of the Unexpected Exam* has bedevilled the community of logicians and analytic philosophers. Even now, there is no consensus on a resolution, and this failure has given rise to a veritable cottage industry for the production of unlikely solutions, and grandiose nonsense about what the puzzle entails. I consider this a scandal of bad scholarship, and in this web site I will attempt to expound a solution that avoids the errors in what has gone before. It will be a work in progress, so tune in and watch the answer unfold.
* Also known as the Paradox of the Surprise Exam, or the Prediction Paradox.


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